A view from the front lines of change: Ridge at 38 as seen by businesses located on it.

Visit Teller Street Gallery & Studios for an even better view of Ridge at 38, in person!

7190 W 38th Ave // 303.424.9273

By: Janelle VanDyke

Mandy at Teller St.

Mandy Fulton, Owner of Teller Street

Do you enjoy painting or making pottery? Or have you always aspired to learn these skills? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then Teller Street Gallery & Studios may be the perfect opportunity for you to explore your creativity! They offer a wide variety of classes ranging from Painting & Vino classes to fun Family Night classes that are sure to pique anyone’s interests. Owner Mandy Fulton has been successfully running her business for just over a year and a half now and enjoying every minute of it, along with her customers. I, fortunately, had the opportunity to attend a Painting & Vino class with my mother when they were filming one of their commercials. It was an absolute blast! Andrea VanDyke, aka my mother, enjoyed it even more than I did and raves “It’s a great place, you can experience painting or clay work, just have fun with friends and some wine, or take ongoing classes!”

teller street people

Located on west 38th and Teller Street, Teller Street Gallery & Studios is in the prime location for community involvement. With the middle school Wheat Ridge 5-8 being just across the street, Mandy feels very connected to the community. “We do a lot of work with the school across the street. We do after school art clubs for the 5-8 school and we are also involved in a lot of the kids activities for local events,” says Fulton. Teller Street Gallery & Studios works to be a part of the community through these local students and participating in many other ways as well. They regularly host fundraisers for local charities like Feed the Future and very often can be found working to include art and creativity in the lives of their community. The last word on Teller Street Gallery and Studios is that this is an awesome place for families, friends and community members alike. Bring your family in for some quality bonding time or bring some friends along to relax and just let your creative juices flow.


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