Cottage Food Contest

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Fruit Pie, Bread, and Jams or Jellys!

Our cottage foods contest is a people’s choice award so the community members will be the ones deciding who will win.  Be sure to invite your friends, families and co-workers to come and vote!



  • First place – Ribbon and a small prize
  • Second place – Ribbon and a small prize
  • Third place – Ribbon and a small prize

Additional Contest Rules/Information:

  • Products must be made from “scratch” – no store bought items.
  • All contestants will be provided with sample cups and  spoons
  • Entrants are expected to portion their entry into the sample cups during the 15 minutes prior to the contest and handout the samples to judges during the 45 minute judging period this is a 1 hour total time commitment.
  • A clearly written, accurate list of ingredients must accompany each entry for allergy purposes.
  • All entries and their makers should plan to be at the Cottage Food Contest Tent at Ridgefest on September 9th .


Enough for 50-65 samples