Any race director will tell you volunteers are essential to the success of many races including the Ridge At 38 Criterium. With a race that draws hundreds of cyclists, on city streets through the main thoroughfare of town…we need extra hands.

Why should you volunteer?

  1. To serve. You may be the person that offers water to a racer when they’ve just run out who will never forget your act of kindness. Races of all sizes need help with registration, course marking, set up, clean up, parking organization, transition support, food preparation as well as bib distribution. They also require professionals to provide medical support, emergency response and photography.
  2. To learn. Serving as a race volunteer gives you hands-on experience behind the scenes of a race so you can gain tips from race participants that could help you in a future race. You’ll see all kinds of cool gear. You’ll see what works for other athletes and how you can incorporate it into your training as well as learn from their mistakes.
  3. For motivation. Because volunteers see the race from a different perspective than cheering viewers and athletes, you may notice what you otherwise may have overlooked. You will see people of all ages, shapes, size and physical conditions; they will inspire you to move.
  4. To network. Volunteering gives you a chance to get to know other people in your community, athletes or otherwise. If you are injured, volunteering at a race allows you to stay connected with the cycling community.
  5. For freebies. Many races give their volunteers race team T-shirts, feed them and share other goodies and our race is no exception. Volunteers will receive a t-shirt and meal.

To learn more and to sign-up to be a volunteer at this year’s Criterium check out this page.

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