Ridge at 38 is home to an eclectic mix of businesses that serve the community and welcome visitors by offering a taste of small town life without the drive. Our district provides people with an authentic experience steeped in nostalgia; where tradition, and locally created and crafted goods are valued and where new ideas are nourished and cultivated.


City of Wheat Ridge Conceptual Streetscape Design Information

View the updated implementation plan with corridor metrics and streetscape design alternatives from the Council’s July 14, 2014 meeting.
Note: this is a large file so it may take a few moments to download.

Check out the 38th Avenue Corridor Plan.

Read more about the 38th Avenue Corridor Plan on the City’s website.


2004/2005 - Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy (NRS) Commissioned and Adopted by City Council
  • Strategy 6 discusses how to reshape 38th Avenue to make it Main Street and community gathering place
  • Plan developed based on extensive public input from stakeholder interviews to larger public meetings
  • Officially adopted by City Council
2009 - Envision Wheat Ridge (Citywide Comp Plan) Adopted
  • 20+ person stakeholder committee guided the process
  • 3 public community meetings with 60+ attendees at each
  • City Council and Planning Commission adopted after conducting public hearings
  • 38th Avenue identified as “Main Street” with a recommendation to develop a corridor plan
2009 - WR2020/DCI/DOLA 38th Avenue Design Charette
  • 80+ citizens and property owners participated in an evening Charette facilitated by outside design professionals
  • Main Street theme was confirmed and strong desire to get something done now and quit talking about it – idea of restriping for a temporary “road diet” emerged
2010 - CC Authorized Consultant Contract for 38th Avenue Corridor Plan
  • Consultant contract approved in late 2010, including additional budget authorization to conduct a traffic study to determine the feasibility of short and long term road diet
2011 - 38th Avenue Corridor Plan Adopted
  • October 2011, Corridor Plan adopted by City Council with a positive recommendation from Planning Commission after conducting public hearings
  • Plan guided by a 20+ member advisory committee and include 3 community wide meetings with extensive notification as well as an on-line survey mechanism
  • Plan recommended a short term pilot project to confirm that the road diet restriping would work relative to the results of the traffic study (City Council approved budget for 2012 project)
  • Plan recommended mid-term plan to construct permanent streetscape improvements in the “main street” sub district
2012 - Budget Approved for Various Implementation Efforts
  • Community Events
  • Marketing/Web site development
  • Banner Poles
  • Pedestrian crossing traffic signals
  • Pilot project restriping and temporary planters and “pop up cafes”
2013 - Consultant contract approved to finalize 38th Avenue Streetscape (Upham to Pierce)
  • The current consultant work to develop a permanent streetscape for Main Street is the next step in the continuum of realizing this vision for a Downtown Wheat Ridge.


  • The idea of creating 38th Avenue as the City’s main street and downtown has been an evolution over the course of nearly 10 years and will be ongoing for years to come.
  • The plan is long term in nature and requires investment from both the public and private sectors to be realized.
  • Plan acknowledged that there would be additional congestion, but the community consensus was that that was an acceptable price to pay to create an attractive, pedestrian friendly main street/downtown area.
  • What was budgeted for and installed in 2012 was always intended as a short term project to validate the traffic study and continue the positive momentum on the corridor.
  • The evaluation of the interim road diet and other investments is ongoing and involves metrics related to traffic, business/economic activity and bike/pedestrian activity.

The Ridge at 38 Leadership Committee is comprised of business owners, property owners, residents and stakeholders working together to implement the 38th Avenue Corridor Plan.

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